Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah & B-Beth

Abby, Hannah, Emma & Elizabeth
Emma and the twins!

Hannah & Elizabeth
The truth is that I can't tell which girl is which in pictures. They truly are identical twins. I can usually tell who is who in real life, but pictures are a different story. These girls have come a long way; from the NICU to the beautiful four year olds they are today.
Hannah and B-Beth,
We love you so much and pray that Jesus will bless and give you a very healthy year this year! We are so thankful that you are in our lives. You bring us much joy!
Love, Auntie Judy, Uncle Ryan, Christian and McKenna

You can really see the personalities of these three children come out in these videos. Abby the sweet on who does the video correctly. Christian the exuberant one who likes to be silly. Nate the shy one who gets embarrassed.


Erin said...

OH MAN what a wonderful treat for our little girls. They loved it. Thanks Judy. Abby the only thing the girls asked for for their birthday was to have you spend the night, but they understand you need to be with your mommy this weekend.
I haven't had a chance to our four years of review for the girls on the blog yet. But I am going to try to get it done soon.
We love you guys so much and miss you terribly.

Katy said...

How cute are they - love the idea of the videos. What sweet, but VERY different children they are ! The picture of the twins with their static hair is the BEST!