Monday, May 5, 2008

The Fence Project Continues!

A HUGE thank you to Mike, Brian, Todd and Craig for helping with the fence installation! I also want to thank Amy for keeping the kids for me and Emma for fetching lots of things and doing lots of odd little jobs (like listening to the monitor to see if McKenna's crying and holding the level).

We got a ton done on Saturday. The weather was beautiful and the guys got almost all the posts set. They worked for 12 hours straight!
Todd even came back to help Ryan finish setting posts on Sunday.
Notice Emma in this picture. She was fascinated by the whole process and really wanted to help!

Look at all those fence panels. I think we're only going to end up with three extras.

As of Monday night we are almost done. I hung brackets for about 5 hours today by myself and then Amy and I hung 14 fence panels by ourselves. I must admit, I was pretty proud of us girls for getting it done! Ryan was shocked when he pulled in the driveway tonight. We still need to hang five more panels and two doors and then we're done!!

Amy blogged a little about our weekend too. Click HERE to read it.


Jenn said...

almost done!!! now your in the final steps... safety here you come :) no more worries.

Heather said...

Keep up the good work, it will alll be worth it!

the mccollums... said... the pics!! And I am super proud of you and Amy for doing some major work on it!!!

Katy said...

You go girls - it's going to be GREAT!! I can't wait to see the finished project!