Friday, May 9, 2008


Nate and Christian love this fence building project and it has nothing to do with the fence and everything to do with the DIRT. Nate was actually taking handfuls of dirt and pouring them on his own head.
There was one day last week when Christian had three baths in one day.
The boys had to get hosed down after this particular play time before they were even allowed to go in the house for a bath.
Look at that face!
Oh my, the mud that was in my tub after this!

And here's Devon working hard to get rid of all the dirt for us!

Here's Taryn and McKenna. Taryn was just trying her best to keep all five kids under control while Amy and I hung fence panels.


Heather said...

Boys will be boys! Just goes to show the difference in the sexes....I doubt you (being the one that stays home with them all day) is teaching them to dig dirt and pour it all over themselves! They are just born with those special boy genes...and we wouldn't want it any other way!

Heather said...

What is it with boys and dirt? They are just to funny!!