Wednesday, May 28, 2008

FREE Movies

When school's out, kids around the country visit selected Regal theatres for the Free Family Film Festival. It's a fun-filled nine weeks of movies for kids and parents. Since 1991, Regal has provided this service to the community, and best of all it's FREE!
Selected G & PG movies start at 10AM each Tuesday and Wednesday during the festival. First-come, first-served seating is limited to theatre capacity. The Free Family Film Festival is safe, lots of fun and a great way for kids to spend a weekday morning in the summer.

Valley Mall, Hagerstown Schedule: 10:00am

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (G)
Firehouse Dog (PG)

Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - Veggie Tales (G)
Evan Almighty (PG)

Everyone's Hero (G)
Bee Movie (PG)

Arctic Tale (G)
Shrek The Third (PG)

Curious George (G)
Hairspray (PG)

Clifford's Really Big Movie (G)
Alvin And The Chipmunks (PG)

Mr. Bean's Holiday (G)
Happy Feet (PG)

Charlotte's Web (G)
Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep (PG)

Wallace And Gromit (G)
Surf's Up (PG)

I don't know if I'll really be brave enough to take all 5 kids to see a movie, but we'll probably try it if I can find another mommy who wants to go with me! Let me know if you're up for it ladies! And thanks Lori for passing on this info. to me!


Heidi said...

I would be game for the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything movie. Bryson has been dying to see it!

the*4*of*us said...

We have done this a few times over the past 2 summers....GO EARLY!!!!! A lot of the area kids clubs go and there is a huge, huge line. Last time we went the movie we wanted to see was full. We're planning to go again this summer--maybe we'll see you there!

Katy said...

It's such a GREAT thing - our theatres do it here, and although I totally missed it last year, the year before was a big hit! Because it's free, you don't have to feel obligated to stay for the whole movie if the kids lose interest...but I think your 5 kids would love it!!! It's a great outing!

Lori said...

You are welcome!! I am up for at least 1 a month!!! I definitely want to do the Veggie Tales one!!