Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

McKenna's first Easter!

McKenna with her favorite babysitter Taryn.
Beautiful eyes!
Ryan called McKenna the karate kid when she had on this outfit.
Cutest shoes ever!
Sorry, no Easter pictures of Christian. He was having a rough two year old kind-of day!


Amy said...

I'm beginning to think that it's not even possible to take a bad picture of that little girl!! HER EYES!! They are just stunning and she is so beautiful. What a difference a month has made!! Healthy, eyes open, wearing size 0-3 month clothes . . . she's starting to get that "baby" look instead of the infant look.

the mccollums... said... soul, she is so beautiful!!! Her eyes (at least in these pics) look like a slate blue color! I hope they stay that way...that is the same color as my niece, Chloe! Unbelievable. I can tell she is one sweet little baby!

the mccollums... said...

I was thinking about her eyes that I forgot to write about her adorable shoes and that cute first pic of her yawning! hee hee...what a doll baby!

Anonymous said...

the shoes are too cute! i love the first pic of her yawning... precious! and those eyes are gorgeous :)

Heather said...

She is precious! SO alert and bright...she must be a smart girl!

Heather said... picture in front of the "yellow bush"? Everytime I see one of those bushes, I think of you and your family. You and Ryan need to plant one in your yard so you can take Christian and McKenna's picture in front of it as they grow up! hee-hee!

Anonymous said...

We did miss Easter pictures in front of the forcythia bush this year. It hasn't even bloomed yet. The pictures of McKenna are adorable, adorable, adorable. What a sweet gift from God.
Love, Grandmom

Katy said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures!! You'll find that you're going to want to take a picture of her every day because the outfits are just SO cute and so FUN!!!!