Thursday, March 6, 2008


McKenna went to the doctor AGAIN today and I think it's safe to say that she has finally recovered from the flu. She is breathing clearly and here's the exciting part; she weighs 8lb10.5oz I'm so excited about her weight because it's been exhausting feeding her non-stop, round the clock. All my hard work has paid off. I still don't think she eats that well (it's a challenge to get her to stay awake for more than 3 min) but at least she's gaining weight and now weighs more than when she was born.
I have also fully recovered from the flu and so I've been enjoying being able to snuggle with my girl for the first time. You might remember that I caught pink eye while I was in the hospital giving birth to McKenna, so I couldn't kiss on her too much when she was first born. Then a week later I got the flu, so for two weeks I've been trying not to breathe on her. Now I am just loving being able to snuggle her and sniff that sweet new baby smell. Her hair and skin is so soft, I just can't get enough of my sweet girl.
Here's Auntie Amy, Abby and Nate with McKenna. This is how it usually goes; one person holds McKenna and a crowd quickly gathers around her. I got our high chair out (the seat reclines so a baby can sit in it) thinking that it would be a good place to sit McKenna during the day. It's rather high so the boys wouldn't be able to mess with her. Well, I was wrong. Yesterday the boys got the stools out of both of the bathrooms and carried them downstairs. I found them perched on their little stools with their hands and wet kisses all over McKenna. The poor girl never gets to sleep in peace.

Abby and McKenna.
Abby absolutely adores McKenna. She is always finding one of her toys to give to McKenna. It's so sweet. Yesterday it was a Polly Pocket car. She put it in McKenna's lap and I heard her say; "I picked this out for you. It's okay if you keep it forever."
Emma and McKenna
This is how Emma spends her after school time now. She eats a snack, does her homework and then holds McKenna until her mom comes to pick her up!

Christian and McKenna


Warren, Sarah, Riley, Reagan-David and Scott-Wesley said...

Jude, you look great! After all you have been through your should look more tired than you do! I am sure you feel even if it doesn't show in the pictures.
I am thrilled to hear the good news on Mckenna.I reember feedign Scott around the clock like thta, it is so exhausting. You feel like that is all you do and then before you know it you are at their first birthday! It is gone so fast, enjoy it; even the hardest moments and remeber to remind yourself that it is only a season. I love you and miss you...

millicent said...

yay!!!! hooray for good health!! I'm glad to see you are all doing good and i'm anxious to meet little Mckenna! She definitely looks like her brother!

Judy said...

AHHHH...I just let Emma hold McKenna and yesterday she was kissing her and I just took Em's temperature and she has a fever of 103. Yikes...I just want everyone to get healthy!!! So poor Em is heading to the doctor again tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I am glad everyone is least for today. The pictures of all the children with McKenna are priceless. You can see how precious she is to everyone. It was great to see you and finally meet McKenna. I had a great time with Amy and the kids. I know it was risky with all the germs but well worth it...even though I have quite a resistant strain of strep. Who knew a weekend in PA would turn into a week long vacation (ha ha).
Thanks for sharing all the pics with us and tell Christian I'm studying up on my Thomas and Friends names.
- Miss Laurie

Anonymous said...

You all look great! I'm glad things are getting back to "normal" and you are getting to enjoy McKenna! Heather W

the mccollums... said... look so GREAT!! I miss seeing pics of YOU. I love the new look of the blog with the big pic of your babies! Yeah for glad that her little body is recovering and gaining weight...she is truly loved! Again, you look so wonderful! hugs and loves to all the kiddies from me.

Anonymous said...

How happy I am for you, that you are all feeling better and that you are enjoying your sweet girl. I love that first picture of the two of you. It's good to see that Abbey decided to hold Mckenna again. :) Olivia is in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the updates on her. Anna :)

Katy said...

I love love love the pictures of you and McKenna!! You look FANTASTIC!!!! And I am so glad to hear the good news!!!! You are making it Judy - sleep is coming soon!!! How thankful I am to hear that everyone is healthy again and just adjusting to life!!! I VERY well remember trying to find "safe" places to put Callie...McKenna will adjust and be used to all the extra love that she will get. It's a BLESSING, believe me!!! You are doing GREAT!