Monday, March 17, 2008

Missing Daddy!

Christian has really been missing his daddy this morning. Ryan left on Friday to go to his cousins wedding in Florida ( I know..I know...a real hardship to go to Florida for a wedding. Oh how I wish I could have gone) then Ryan went directly from Florida to Alabama for business meetings all week. He won't be home until Friday, which is very, very sad. Christian has been telling me all morning that he's sad and misses Dada. So we sat on the couch together and I asked him what he missed about daddy and here's the list he came up with:
1. He plays "choo choos" with me.
2. He gives me baths (It's true. Ever since I got a huge pregnant belly Daddy was the main bath giver and it has continued even though I don't have the pregnancy excuse anymore).
3. He plays "neighs" with me (What he means is that they play horses together. Ryan will be the horse and Christian rides on his back and tells him what to do. He tells him where to go to get a drink, where to find a snack, when it's time to sleep, etc. It's very cute to watch).
3. He plays basketball.
4. He tackles me.
5. He gives me snacks (the kind that mommy always says "no" to).
6. He reads books.
7. He watches TV with me.
I thought that was a pretty good list for a 2 year old to come up with. It makes me realize how thankful I am that I have a husband who knows how to be a great dad. Mommy's and Daddy's are so different. If Christian came up with a list of things he does with me it would be totally different and it would include things like coloring, doing puzzles, helping with laundry, etc. I definitely believe God created families to have a mommy and daddy because they both fulfill very different and vital roles in a child's life.
We really miss you daddy!! Come home soon!!


Katy said...

Ryan's going to love reading this post. It is so true - God gave children to a mommy and daddy so they could have ALL their needs met. The relationship between a father and son is so precious - and can not be replaced. I'll be praying for you this week Judy - I know it will be long and hard for you to be on your own. make it easy on yourself as much as you can!!!

Heather said...

That's a great list for a 2 year old to come up! Christian sure is a lucky boy, Ryan sounds like a fun Daddy! I know my Kristian is ready for Liam to be big enough to tackle...I am not ready!

Kristi said...

oh he is so cute!! I'm glad you guys are all doing better yay. I love the new blog I liked the old one to.