Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The monsterous, very painful, thick like glue, antibiotic shot that Christian got yesterday has worked. His fever was gone by 11pm last night and he woke up this morning at 5:25am ready to play. I'm still a little ticked that the doctor didn't explain to me just how bad the shot was going to hurt, especially considering they gave me a choice about this and I chose for him to get the shot. I know that Christian was really hurting last night. It's probably the most pain he's ever been in, but it's over now and he's much much happier.
We've had a nice day. Abby and I made blueberry muffins. The boys played nicely together and McKenna has spent a great deal of time sleeping. Now I just need her to decide to sleep for longer than 2 hours at night.
I just wanted everyone to know that things are looking up and I don't feel like screaming anymore!!


Anonymous said...

I realy like the pictere of
uncle Ryan,McKenna,and Chrishtain!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Christian is feeling better and everyone had a good day. Maybe Abby can bake me some muffins sometime. Faith and I like to bake muffins before school.Take care!~Love, Heather

Kristi said...

yay for feeling better.
I love the new layout of your blog. have a blessed day

Katy said...

I'm so glad to hear that it worked at least!!! It's a doozy of a shot, but you know that relief will come VERY quickly!!! :) 5:25AM is a little rough though!!! Now to McKenna...scheduling her day will be the biggest thing (you've got Babywise, right?) Feed, WAKE TIME, then sleep. Keeping her awake is the key part. I never let my kids sleep more than 2 hours during the day during those first several months. I know you know all this, but the hard work now will pay off!!!