Monday, March 31, 2008

Small Group Friends

L to R: Devon, Noah, Emma, Jeb, Emily, McKenna, Taryn and Christian's in the front!
This weekend McKenna made her first trip to small group. It was great to have everyone back together again since it had been six weeks since we had gotten together (we weren't the only one with sickness in our family). One of the unique things about our small group is the age span of everyone in it. I love it that we have built in babysitters and that Christian has lots of great kids to look up to as he grows up. Emma has become an honorary member of our small group too. She and Emily have become great friends and it's so good for Emma to spend time such great kids.


the mccollums... said...

cute, cute, cute!!

Amy said...

It is such a blessing to me that Judy's small group has "adopted" Emma and that she is developing such good friendships with such wonderful children!! They all have so much fun together, and Emma always has the best stories to tell after she has spent time with them!