Tuesday, March 4, 2008

All together again!

Today was our first day to have Abby and Nate back with us again. I was a little nervous about this since Nate threw up last night, but he seems to be fine today. Christian definitely thinks that McKenna belongs to him. He is very possessive of her and doesn't like it when Abby and Nate try to give her love. He's finally gotten better about sharing his toys, so I guess I'm going to have to train him to share McKenna too!

I got a new game for us to play today. It's called Whack-a-mole. Each kid gets a hammer and wackes their mole when it lights up (this game is similar to something you might find in an arcade). It's hard to find games that 2 year olds can play and even though this one is recommended for ages 4+ it looked like something I thought the boys could play. Well, it wasn't quite as great as I thought it would be. Nate kept whacking everyones mole. This caused quite a fuss and eventually some crying. So Nate and I ended up watching Abby and Christian play.

We've actually had a really good day so far. McKenna has slept all day so that helps. Abby spent the entire morning begging me to let her hold McKenna. I wasn't going to let her because she's been sick and I wanted to make sure she was totally better before letting her hold McKenna, but I finally gave in. I left the room to get my camera to take a picture of Abby holding McKenna and about a second later I heard Abby hollering. I ran back into the room fearing the worst, but McKenna had just spit up all over Abby. This totally grossed Abby out and she assures me that she doesn't want to hold McKenna ever again. I'm sure she'll change her mind tomorrow.


the mccollums... said...

I LOVE that first pic of Christian and McKenna...so sweet and Christian looks so grown up!! :) I can't tell you how excited I was to read all your new blogs...love it! And I am so happy to hear that things are getting normal and healthy around there! :)

Amy said...

I loved the picture of Christian and McKenna too! Look at their hands - so sweet together. And I'm so relieved that having all the kids together again turned out so well today! I'm guessing that having a 3 week break from each other probably helped!! My sister is amazing to do what she does every day!! Truly!!!!

Anonymous said...

o goodness... i feared for the worst as well when i was reading about abby holding mckenna! it made me laugh that it was only some spit up that happened after all!!! hey, humor is definitely a good thing :)

Heather R said...

I was praying for you allll day yesterday, really hoping that everything went alright, and I am glad it did. Seems like life is starting to get back to something like normal. :)