Friday, October 24, 2008

Wanna know what we did today???

SHOTs...yup! It was very unpleasant but definitely not as bad as I thought it was going to be.
McKenna had to have her ears check after having three consecutive ear infections. Nate keeps getting this weird virus where he gets a fever and throws up for a day and then he's better. So we thought after the third time a doctor should probably check him out. And Christian just has a really bad cold. We're going to give him some honey tonight (doctors recommendation) to see if that helps to suppress his cough. And all three got flu shots. Christian and McKenna didn't get them last year and that was a big mistake. Remember my two week old little baby in the hospital? Not fun!
I really thought the shot thing was going to be horrible. I've never had three kids get shots all at the same time so I was really worried about it. But McKenna surprised me and didn't really cry at all. Nate and Christian recovered rather quickly once they realized my purse was filled with lollipops :)

Miss Abigail is on her first field trip today. She's been so excited about this and I've been thinking about her all day. She rode on school bus and went with her class to the pumpkin patch. She was definitely more excited about the school bus than the actual pumpkin patch since she had already been there. I hope she's had a great time. There won't be any pictures, but I'm sure it was fantastic!

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Anonymous said...

Tell Nate and Christian that I got my flu shot today too- and I didn't get a lolipop! THey are extra lucky! :)


Jenn said...

awww, i love it when the school bus ride is sooo much cooler than the actual field trip!

oh, just to let you know... my center has had that go around to. all of the sudden, the child slows down, gets a slight fever, and throws up. trust me, it's not fun... i found out first hand when i was thrown up on by one of my kiddos!! let's just say that we were suppose to have 7 kids today and only 1 was in school! it's been that bad and is spreading around the center. at least it's only a quick bug. did the doctor mention it was anything??

Heather said...

I hope Christian started feeling better soon, and Nate keeps his virus at bay. Hooray for the flu shot, I'm hoping your winter oes much smoother this year. Are Emma and Abby getting flu shots too?

Heather said...

"Moms Connect" looks like a great playgroup. We'd be there if we lived anywhere nearby!

Katy said...

glad you survived the shots - it's never fun, but a necessary evil. we've all had ours and are good to go now! you made it!