Monday, October 13, 2008

Painting Pottery

Last Friday we had a new experience!! We painted pottery! Christian, McKenna, Emma and I went to this crafty little place called Pottery By Me and More! The idea was to have the kids paint some things to use as Christmas presents for the grandparents who already have everything, but that idea didn't work out so well. I fell in love with every little thing Christian made, so I think I'm going to keep it all! Merry Christmas to me! How bad is that!
I had to seriously crop these pictures because Emma did make her mom something very special for Christmas. And her mom does read this blog, so I have to be careful not to reveal the secret. Although I do wonder if she's told Amy what she made yet. She was so excited about it and she took forever working on it, so Christian ended up painting three things while Emma worked on one. But I'm glad she took her time and did a nice job!
My neighbor, Lisa, took the day off from work so she joined us with her son Nicholas! Nicholas is our definitely one of our favorite friends. Look at that cute football helmet he painted. He did it all by himself. He even added a little of his own artistic flair to his mommy's project. She was making a plaque of his hand print.
It's always exciting when you put paint on the hand of a little boy who's almost two!! He did a great job and his hand print turned out remarkably well.
Notice McKenna's blue foot! She even got in on the action. I made a plate with her footprint on it!
This is info. for those of you who live locally who might be interested in visiting this pottery place. My first advice would be: check the website for printable coupons. It definitely helps. I really didn't think the prices were that outrageous. There are lots of different items to choose from to paint: Christmas ornaments, plates, piggy banks, pumpkins, Christmas trees, all sorts of holiday decorations, plaques, etc. The plate I chose to make for McKenna cost $12. Then it cost $6 to have it fired and glazed (which you definitely want to do). So I got a great keepsake for $18. Not something I would do everyday, but definitely something I think I could do for each of my children. Christian painted a pumpkin that cost $8 and then it cost (half of the price of the item) $4 to have it fired and glazed. We painted six different things and it cost me about fifty bucks (and that's with Emma and I both doing projects that cost around $18). We go back this Friday to pick up our finished pieces! I'll be sure to let you see how it turns out.


Katy said...

we have a couple of places like that around here and they look like so much fun. we went to a birthday party one time there and the kids LOVED it! such fun keepsakes!