Thursday, October 16, 2008

Apple Picking

We finally got to go apple picking today!!
It was raining lightly even as we were driving there, but it stopped just long enough for us to have a great time!
The orchard was beautiful even on a cloudy, rainy day.
This is my absolute favorite picture from our outing. Nate picked a few apples, but spent the majority of his time climbing in and out of the apple crates.
Hmmm...maybe this is my favorite picture. I can't decide! All I know is that I hadn't seen Nate all day because he was at daycare and as soon as we got to the orchard (despite all the other exciting things he could have been doing) he came and gave me a hug. That moment became the highlight of my day!McKenna rode around on my back and loved it. Can you tell why Ryan calls her "the last of the mohicans?" She's got some funky hair going on these days!
McKenna's friend Gwen had her first apple picking experience too!

Our friend Jenn has been visiting from Massachusetts, so it was fun to have her experience our apple picking tradition. Abby loved getting a boost because the best apples always seem to be the ones out of reach.

And there's Taryn getting a few of those out of reach apples.

Since when did Emma turn into a teenager??

Miss Ellie



Once Abby and Kate had finished up their apple picking I found them hanging out in the back of my car.
Abby has taken a new interest in writing! She was busy planning her birthday party with Ellie and Kate! Apparently she was taking notes on what they were saying!

Oh I love this picture! Look at the wind blowing her hair and how she has that apple tucked under her arm! Too sweet! Addie is almost exactly a year older than McKenna. I love to watch her and imagine what McKenna will be doing in a year.

Christian was so proud of this giant apple he found!
And of course the best part is coming home and showing Daddy your prized apple!!


Heidi said...

Thanks for including us on your apple picking tradition! We had so much fun!! Could you email me that picture of Addie? Thanks so much!

Katy said...

i'm so jealous - i bought apples today, but would have MUCH rather picked them!!!!

Jenn said...

ok, so that was sooo much fun! who knew that there would still be apples left at this point?! :)