Thursday, October 2, 2008

Getting back to normal

I should start by telling you that Amy is home now! She's tired and sore, but doing great. My mom is with her!
We headed back to the duck pond today. This time Nathan DID NOT fall in!
What you can't see is that McKenna was wearing her very first pair of jeans today! So cute!
Our friend, Caedmon, checking out a log cabin!
Abby and the boys! It was so funny - there must have been thousands of sticks around and Nate kept stealing Abby and Christian's sticks. For some reason their sticks were much better than the ones laying around in the woods. Seriously, who would have thought we'd be fighting over sticks!

And this is how they spent their time; digging with sticks, picking up logs, getting grass stains on pants and lots of exploring.
I love this picture of Abby running down the trail! She's always ahead of the pack!
It was a beautiful crisp morning! Fall is definitely here!


Sarah said...

So glad to hear everything is heading towards normal... if there is such a thing as normal:)The Lord is certainly with you and guarding you all in all your ways, Judy! I am glad Mom is ther to help adn that Jake can take the kiddos early and help with that. I pray this weekend is peacful in your home and Amy's, that your find renewal adn strength in the next days, that you continue to the hand of God all over your life... what a testimony you guys have and legacy of faith you are leving for the children. I am glad we were able to pray together, it has been too long since we last were able to do that. I have coem to belive over the last few years that life is too short to not stop and pray right then and there for someone who needs it. It is easy to say that you are goign to pray for them but I find such blessign in someone who steps oput in faith right then with you and on behalf of you. I am always here... just a phone clal or a blog away... I feel so much closer that I relaly am. I can't beleive that the hand of God allows us to remain in each others lives after all these years, he is so good to me. Much love to you this day Judy. And yes, I am still way over emotional and I am crying as I write... I hope you can laugh at that with me:)

Katy said...

So glad to hear that Amy is home! What a last few days - but what a wonderful testimony to read of how you could see God's hand more clearly through the storm!!! Glad you were able to get out today and enjoy some of the peace and serenity of fall around you!