Monday, October 6, 2008

He's the MATCH!! Updated @5:30pm

Oh my word! We just got the call and Ryan is the bone marrow match! I can't even get my mind around it right now! We don't have many details. They're overnighting us some info and a DVD to watch. Lots of consent forms. No question about it...he's going to do it. There is a family somewhere who has been hoping and praying for this moment. That very human and weak side of me immediately thought "oh no, not right now. we can't do this right now." But we'll figure this out. We know that this is bigger than us. This is a God thing for sure!!
Psalm 139
For you created my inmost being,
you knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
All the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.
I can't get this verse out of my mind. Did you read that last part? That means that before Ryan was even created God knew that this day would come. He created Ryan with this in mind. Very exciting!
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I'm feeling a little better now that we have a few more details. You know I love to be organized about things and it was driving me crazy this morning that I couldn't start planning for this medical procedure for Ryan. I want to know exactly when it's going to be, where, how long, who's going to watch the kids, will we have to travel for it, side effects, etc, etc, etc! So here's what I do know: The procedure will take place at a medical facility in Fairfax, VA that specializes in this sort of thing. Ryan will go there this Thursday for a complete physical. When I say complete, I mean complete! It even includes a chest x-ray and EKG! And thankfully we don't pay for any of this! There are two ways that you can be a bone marrow donor and in this case Ryan gets to make a choice of which procedure he wants to do. He can just donate his blood cells or he can donate his bone marrow. Donating blood cells is an outpatient procedure that takes about five hours. They take blood out of one arm, run it through a machine that takes the stem cells out of it and then the blood is put back in the other arm. This is probably the procedure Ryan will choose to have. It's less invasive than the alternative. Donating bone marrow is a surgical procedure where you're put to sleep and a small hole is drilled into your hip bone to retrieve the marrow down inside your bone. This involves an overnight hospital stay, a longer recovery, and greater risk for complications. Both of these procedures will involve lots of medical visits before hand and afterward and both will involve prep work to be started ASAP. They would like Ryan to donate sometime during the first week of November. We don't know anything about the patient yet, but hopefully we'll be able to find out a little something about them sometime soon. So that's the latest. I'm going to apologize ahead of're probably going to be hearing a lot about this over the next couple of weeks! Sorry, but it's just where we are right now!


The Marklund's said...

Wow! I'll be praying for you guys! God knows exactly what he's doing. :)

Sarah said...

Holy cow! The whirlwind continues! I will be praying... whta an amazing opportunity to offer life to the person on the other end.... God is so good.

Anonymous said...

Aren't we all glad that I retired this year. You know dad and I will help in any way we can to get your family through this. Another opportunity to see the grandkids! Yeah!

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

I don't know you personally as we have only communicated through our blogs but I KNOW just from reading your comments and seeing how you live your life that you and your family will make this work! You will give the glory to God through the whole thing and you will make it work. This is a wonderful opportunity for both you and Ryan, he may physically be the one to donate but you will be the one to make it possible by holding the family together. Blessings to you and your sweet family, I pray the donation will be as painless as possible and a total success for the person who needs it so badly.

Katy said...

WOW - Judy this is amazing. This is only the beginning I think of an amazing testimony for the Lord. I can't WAIT to hear the rest of this story - God is going to be glorified!

Katy said...

Fairfax - oh Judy. Please keep me posted. You know that my mom is near there, so please let me know if you need a place to stay or anything. She has plenty of room and would be more than happy to let your family stay there. Josiah is off school for a few of those days at the end of Oct, so I could come up and help with the kids, etc if needed. So PLEASE let me know!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

We're proud of you Ryan. It's all part of His plan. Love, Uncle Rod and Aunt Sue

Anonymous said...

I agree with your's a good thing she retired! But that doesn't mean she's finished working...her role as grandmom continues! What a blessing she has been to you and Amy and all the little ones.

And of! I guess your life isn't going to calm down at all right now.

This is a wonderful opportunity to help someone you and Ryan don't even know! What a true sacrifice.

God knows exactly what the plan is and I know He's rejoicing that you and Ryan are wholly trusting in Him at this time and always.


Heidi said...

Oh my! How neat and complicated this is! Praying for continued clarity and peace as you two have decisions to make. Boy, God is really stretching you these days, but what an amazing testimony you have to show for it! What an example this will be for Christian and Mckenna as they grow older. Great is your reward in heaven Judy, you are an amazing servant!

the mccollums... said...

WOW!!! This is amazing and so beautiful at the same time! We will be praying that everything goes okay...keep us posted! What an incredible opportunity...God is really the author of life...what a great example of self-less living...tell Ryan we are very proud of him though I did get a little squeamish at the mention of drilling into his hip...yikes!! I'm sure that everything will be just fine...just amazing!

Heather said...

wow! I'm so proud of you all for doing this. You really will be making a difference in someone's life! Awesome.

The Chatt Pack said...

We'll definitely be saying some extra prayers for you all and the recipient's family! You are doing an awesome thing!

Anonymous said...

How good God is! Ps. 139 is my favorite chapter. We continue to pray. Anna :)

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

I have nothing but good things to say about Fairfax, Va. We lived there for 6 years, that is where I had my surgery which helped me get pregnant with darling daughter. She was born at Fairfax Hospital. I have a good feeling about all of this, think it is going to work out great for all involved. Can't wait to hear more about it!