Thursday, August 28, 2008

Speed Racer

Okay, so he's not really a speed racer (but don't tell him). He's much too methodical, orderly and careful for that, but I'm just thrilled that he's finally riding his bike. You know, the one he got back in June for his birthday! He hasn't ridden it at all in the last two months. Probably because it's slightly too high for him and the seat doesn't go any lower and because Abby usually asks him if she can ride it and he happily obliges since he really loves his tricycle.
A few days ago (when Abby wasn't around) he asked if he could ride his new bike. I excitedly agreed to help him and we spent the next hour traveling up and down the drive way. When daddy got home he was waiting on his bike ready to show him what he could do. He has literally spent hours on that thing this week!! A minor wreck didn't even stop him!


Sarah said...

WAY TO GO CHRISTIAN! You look so cool in your helment and on your bike. I hope you are havign lots and lots of fun riding!
Auntie Sarah

Heather said...

What a big boy!

Anonymous said...

Go, Go, Go Speed Racer! Great job on riding your new bike Christian... you look way too cool :)
-Miss Laurie

The Marklund's said...

Wow! I remember learning to ride my bike! So fun and exciting! :)

Anyway, I have some pictures up of Sophie! Check them out! :) One of these days my husband and I will be in your area to visit his brother, so we'll stop by Amy's with Sophie! :)

Julie said...

I stumbled upon your blog a little while ago. It's enjoyable to read. Plus I must thank you for your help! I now have a cool background because I clicked on your CutesBlogonTheBlock link. And which I've never heard of before. That sounds really neat! I'm going to have to try it when I get more posts ;)