Thursday, August 14, 2008

Christmas in August!!

We are blessed.

Seriously blessed.

Miss. Laurie is one of those people that makes me cry because she is constantly thinking of ways to bless us. Whether through encouraging comments on my blog, by stopping by to visit all the way from Massachsetts or by sending really awesome packages.

Last fall when Amy first moved here she knew that having all the kids would be a challenge for me and she gave me four sticker books and a ton of stickers (we're still using them). She knew that I needed a positive way to encourage good behavior with everyone and it worked.

Well, apparently Miss. Laurie has been doing a little shopping lately!

Last week two huge boxes arrived on my front steps.

Christian immediately knew who they were for. One box had a princess, Cars and Thomas sticker on it (that would be the box for Abby, Nate and Christian). The other box had a High School Musical sticker on it (who do you think that was for?).
Do they look excited or what? And that was when we had already emptied half the box.The boys opened their package first and inside they found new shirts, pants, coloring books, water bottles, stickers, etc.
It was like Christmas morning!

Christian was particuarly thrilled with his new shoes. He immediately said, "Look Mama, running shoes. Fast ones." When I asked him why they were running shoes he said, "Because they have strings on them like Daddy's." Who knew laces could be such a big deal. I always get velcro, but those days are over. He loves these shoes.

Getting right to work with their stickers, coloring books and new lunch saks.

Each girl got several pairs of shoes.

And then the modeling began. Emma tried on every single outfit and put lots of thought into what she would wear on her first day of school.
Cute dresses. Abby added the cape herself just to add to the drama of the fashion show. Christian was being the announcer (I didn't get a picture of it).
Emma decided that this would be a good outfit for the first day of school.
Nate immediately took all of his clothes off so he could participate in the show. Emma decided to make him clothes out of the tissue paper. Nate tried on every single pair of shoes the girls got.

Sorry the picture is sideways, but McKenna was not forgotten either. I can't wait for fall so she can wear some of these adorable outfits. Too cute!

McKenna modeling one of her new outfits.After the fashion show was over, we packed up the girls clothes again so that they will stay nice for the beginning of the school year. Thank you Laurie for blessing our families with your over-the-top shopping! What on earth are you going to do when you have grandchildren of your own? In the meantime, we love it that you love our kids. Thank you for being such a blessing to us!


Katy said...

What WONDERFUL fun for everyone!!!

Jenn said...

Miss Laurie is such an amazing person and a blessing to so many people :)
Love all the new outfits and shoes.

the*4*of*us said...

what a wonderful friend to have!!! I know the kids sure love the boxes of goodies!