Thursday, August 21, 2008

blog book

I actually have had a babysitter here all day just so I could try to get my blog book done. I've been working on it four five hours and I'm not even half way there.
Just a few lessons I've learned so far:
1. If you want to turn your blog into a book, do it more than once a year. My book is going to be huge. Right now it's probably going to be around 344 pages. My computer is getting bogged down trying to work on a file that big.
2. Using the software from is a little frustrating.
3. The quality of some of the pictures is not going to be that great, so don't just count on the blog book as your photo album. Make sure you still print out pictures that are really important to you. (I haven't been doing this and now I'm regretting it).
4. Make sure you have lots and lots of time to work on it if you decide to wait too long like me!

I'm really tired of working on it and I haven't gotten anything done today, so I'm a little frustrated!! It will be totally worth it in the end, I know that, I've just got to get it done!


Jenn said...

o goodness, good luck with the book blog. i didn't know that you could even do that! and thanks, i love the top of my blog and everything that you change for me :)

Anonymous said...

Keep working on the book. I can't wait to see it.

Katy said...

It will be worth it - I've seen 2 of my friends' books now and they really are incredible! I promise!