Friday, August 22, 2008

Abby's Day

Abby's been going thru a bit of a rough spot lately. And it's perfectly understandable to me. She's the middle child - enough said! As a middle child I can understand how life doesn't seem fair because the older sibling gets to do stuff you don't and the younger sibling seems to get away with everything. Emma has gotten to do a lot of fun things this summer that Abby hasn't gotten to do, so it was time to turn the tables. Emma went to daycare today and Abby got to have a special day with me! She spent the first two hours of the day taking care of McKenna. She really wanted to and even told me to go back to bed. So I did go upstairs and watch the news, check my email and take a shower and Abby kept McKenna happy the whole time. She even gave her a bottle. It made her feel very special to be the "babysitter." This is a task usually given to Emma, so Abby was loving this!

Then we went to the pool. We've never been to this pool since it's not in our town, but it was worth the drive and the price to get it. The water was freezing and it's not a super hot day, so I spent the first hour telling Abby and Christian to play in the water (and stop asking for snacks) or we're going home.They eventually got used to the water and ate all the snacks we had, so the whining did stop!
Look at that cute little belly peeking out of that suit!This is the water slide.
Here's Abby at the top of the water slide. And then you'll notice that there is no picture of her coming down the water slide. That's because she came back down the steps. Maybe next year.
A lesson learned about swim diapers: They really don't work! McKenna pooped out the side of her swim diaper all over her carseat. It was such a mess that Abby and some random woman ended up helping me juggle McKenna and a million wipes while trying to clean up the poopy disaster. Now I'm going to have to wash the cover to her car seat!
These two played together so nicely. Other kids tried to play with them, but they weren't interested. In fact, Abby even told one boy she didn't want to play with him because she was playing with her cousin.

They look cold don't they?
Does it look like she had a fun day or what?


Sarah said...

Cute pictures!
as far as Regs missing... is wasn't his birthday, he gets his in October:)

the*4*of*us said...

fun!!! we love northside, but that water is always so cold! It looks like Abby had such a fun day!

Kristi said...

see I'm not lurking I left a comment :) I erased my blog turns out I wasn't that interesting and didn't have much to write about. I check yours all the time as a way to stay commected with you guys. I always wonder what new backround you are going to have when I open up your blog. anyhoo Abby looks like she had so much fun I cannot believe how big they are all getting

Anonymous said...

I'm sure glad we have McKenna. Abby and the twins (and Emma) are growing up so fast. I'm glad Abby had a special day with you.

Jenn said...

hey there! let abby know that i'm a middle child too... but let her know that she at least has a brother and a sister, i just have 2 brothers. although i'm blessed i have them as part of my family, i would have really liked a sister. anyways, looks like she had a fun despite the cold water :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Abby enjoyed her special day! She is growing up so fast!!
Auntie Christine

Anonymous said...

I live in HarCO! I live in Belcamp, north of Bel Air, south of Aberdeen! Too funny! It is a small world! I teach in Balto County, for 12 years now! I had a horrific class last year so I pray every day that I get a good one! Being pregnant, I cannot handle dealing with disrespectful kids. My email is if you would like to email! I still cannot believe how close you grew up to here!

Talk soon, Wendy

Katy said...

What a FUN day for Abby! It's hard to get those special days squeezed in with real life, but they are SO worth it!!!