Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Purple Bibs and Wiggly Teeth

Yesterday was Abby's first dentist visit and Emma's second.

Emma was returning to have some sealants put on her back teeth. She went first while Abby was very nervously observing. Abby had been to the dentist before with me, so she knew what to expect, but she was incredibly nervous. If you've ever had sealants put on your teeth (I have several times) you know that they taste awful. Emma is not one to handle awful tasting things, but you would have never known. She knew that Abby was watching her and that she needed to do her best to encourage Abby so Emma kept giving us two thumbs up the entire time (45 min) the hygienist was working on her! Way to go Em!!
This is Abby closely watching all the action.
And then it was Abby's turn. She hung on me and hid behind me until I had to pick her up and plop her down in the chair but then she got excited about the purple bib. She even asked if they had pink! And then the hygienist told her that there would be a princess prize at the end and that's all it took for her to calm down.
Our hygienist Heather was great. She let Abby hold and touch all the instruments so she knew exactly what was going in her mouth. I did spend a great deal of time talking to the dentist who is also an orthodontist. Abby has a pretty significant under bite. They seem to think that her top palate is not growing as fast as her bottom one has. This is causing some wearing on Abby's top front teeth which isn't good. Not a big deal with baby teeth, but a big deal once her grown-up teeth start coming in. This could mean some serious orthodontic work in the future if it doesn't correct itself. It still could correct itself, so that's what we're going to pray happens.
The girls wanted to show you their sparkling clean teeth. Emma spent the rest of the day "showing" everyone her sealants. Abby was very excited when the dentist told her that her two bottom front teeth are wiggly. Barely, but still just a little wiggly!
I'm always sharing stories about Emma's kindness, so I just had to share this one about Abby. The girls got to pick out stickers and a prize from a treasure chest. Abby was thrilled when she found a Hannah Montana sticker. I don't think she's ever even seen Hannah Montana, but she knows that she's very cool and that girls are supposed to like her. Emma saw the sticker and really wanted one too, so I looked through every single sticker and didn't find one. Abby was peeling the paper off her prized sticker when I told Emma that I was sorry but they must have only had one. Without skipping a beat Abby took her sticker and stuck it on Emma's shirt and told me that she would take a Nemo sticker. Emma was actually shocked I think and I was a little surprised too! What a sweet girl!


Katy said...

A successful dentist visit! Good job girls!!! :)

the*4*of*us said...

tell me, Judy...did you have ALL of the kids with you?
It looks like the girls did great. We are already heading to the ortho for wyatt to start monitoring his many spacing issues...I told Ben that college may not even be an option when we're done with the teeth on these kids!

Anonymous said...

Wiggly teeth are so exciting! It will be very soon that the tooth fairy will be visiting. :0) Good job at the dentist, Emma and Abby!
The dentist said the same thing about Beezy's underbite. Thankfully, her adult teeth on the bottom are coming in behind her upper teeth. I hope the same thing happens for Abby!
Auntie Christine

Jenn said...

wow, great job girls at the dentist! love the sparkling teeth :)

thanks judy for the refresher on my blog, now i just have to pick colors now that work.

Anonymous said...

Good job Abby, for sharing and being brave. Good job Emma, for being such a great example. Aunt Anna :)

Anonymous said...

Great job girls. Grandmom and PopPop are very proud of you.
Love, Grandmom

Anonymous said...

Great job girls!! Such big
beautiful smiles! Abby, when Nate gets bigger YOU can be the big
brave sister for him just like
Emma was for you!! Speaking of
brave..Judi,how do you do it??

Much love,