Monday, November 26, 2007

We're Home!

We had a great trip to Illinois for Thanksgiving!! Quick, but great! Christian is such a road warrior! He was so good in the car. He didn't fuss once. This is a picture of him getting a new Thomas the tank engine toy. It's a magnetic train track with little magnetic trains. This kept him busy for awhile.
This picture was taken at our hotel at 10:00 at night. Christian fell asleep in the car around 6pm, so he was bouncing off the wall at 10pm. Both Ryan and I fell asleep before him in our hotel room that night!
Christian loved seeing all of Grampy's tractors. We arrived at the farm about an hour before the Thanksgiving meal was to start. Christian's cousin Gracey was waiting for him when we arrived. I took 172 pictures of our trip (I know, I go totally overboard with the picture taking) so I've got a lot of blog posting to do. Hopefully I'll get some time to do it tomorrow. This has just been a little preview until then!!


Anonymous said...

wow, what a trooper! i can't wait to see the other pics. glad you are home safe.

Christine said...

I love Christian's face in the swimming picture - he was so excited!