Thursday, November 8, 2007


I've been thinking about something for the past few days that I thought I would share, since it's been such an encouragement to me. It is such a priveledge to be a stay-at-home mom/aunt, but it is also one of the most frustrating and exhausting jobs there is!!! I'm sure all of you mommies out there will agree. On Wednesday morning we had "one of those mornings." No one liked what they were supposed to wear (why is the Lightning McQueen shirt always dirty when I need it). No one liked their breakfast. We spent 20 minutes looking for a missing shoe that ended up being in the toy box (thanks to a helpful 2 year old who was cleaning up). We were supposed to be at our playgroup at 9:30am and we got there sometime around 10am. As I was speeding down the road, handing sippy cups to the passengers in the backseat, trying to get there on time (I was in charge of story time) the word Emmanuel kept coming to my mind.

Emmanuel means God With Us and I know that it was God who was bringing that word to my mind. Why else would I think of a word that I usually associate with Christmas? God was reminding me that he's not this far away being who is completely unreachable. He's not this authoritative ruler who expects me to obey a bunch of rules and then leaves me on my own to figure it out. Nope...He's the one who made me. He made my personality...the same personality that hates to be late. He knew that I was going to be a "mom" to three (soon to be four) kids under that age of five and for some reason He thought I could handle it. After all, He's promised me that he won't give me anything that I can't handle. Over the past two days I've begun to notice so many ways that He is Emmanuel....He's with me!

1. When I'm reminding a four year old to stop yelling and have a kind heart: God is reminding me that I need to listen to what I'm saying too!

2. When I'm crawling under the kitchen table with my pregnant belly, trying to wipe up whatever we had for lunch: God is reminding me that I'm serving him by loving these kids.

3. When Emma gets home from school and rattles on for the next 40 minutes about her day: God is reminding me that I'm His child and he would love it if I would take the time to talk to him like Emma talks to me. He reminds me that these are moments with her to cherish because they won't last forever.

4. When Christian wants me to lay with him in bed until he falls asleep: God is reminding me that this isn't a waste of time (when I could be doing laundry or preparing morning sippy cups) that really this is a good time to pray for my precious boy.

5. When I got a bill from the insurance company saying they won't pay for the $600 ultrasound I just had: God is reminding me to be thankful for the healthy baby He's given me. He will provide!

6. When Nate falls asleep in the car and it's not nap time yet (knowing this will probably ruin nap time): God is reminding me to be thankful for the peace that little boy has in his life...despite it all.

7. When Ryan tells me he has to travel for work, for an entire week AGAIN: God is reminding me...I am with you!

Over and over again I can hear that still small voice whispering in my ear and I know that God is with me. He cares about all of this. He cares about what I care about; the crayon on the kitchen table, the Polly Pockets that are everywhere, the price of gas, the Sunday School lesson that I haven't planned yet,