Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hiking in the Shenandoah Mountains!

On Saturday we headed down to Virginia to hike in the Shenandoah Mountains. We met my brother Tim and his family there and my parents and Amy and her children traveled down with us. It was quite an eventful day!

Nathan is checking out a few specimens at the visitor's center.
Christian doing his own scientific investigation. Christian and Nate warming up in front of the fire at the visitor's center!
We all hiked to a waterfall called Dark Hollow Falls. To get to the falls you basically had to go down the side of a mountain. That of course means you also have to go straight back up the side of the mountain. Going down was no problem!! The kids were running most of the way. Getting back up was a different story. Christian loved getting a boost from his daddy and Nathan was perfectly content to be carried the entire way by PopPop (my dad).
Amy and Abby in front of Dark Hollow Falls. What a beautiful was worth the hike!
Emma was the only kid who hiked the entire trail on her own two feet! She loved seeing the waterfall and later in the evening she got to see some deer up close.
Aunt Erin and Amy on the trail.
Taking a little break in the middle of the hike. It was a very chilly day. The high was in the low 40's, but with the wind chill it felt like it was below freezing. However, we warmed up quickly on the trail.
Adam and Hannah got to head down the trail in style. Hannah had injured her foot a few days before so she didn't do much walking. Tim somehow managed to get them back up the mountain before I even arrived at the top.

Abby getting a boost from Uncle Ryan. Look at the incline behind them.
I may be six months pregnant, but I still hiked down the mountain. I got lots of comments from other people passing me on the trail about how they hoped I didn't have the baby on the way back up. I was actually a little worried about that myself, so I really took my time. Christian kept crying because he wanted me to carry him up the mountain. I would still be on that trail if I had to carry him!!! That's what Daddy's are for!!!
PopPop and Adam after the hike!

Ryan enjoying a cup of coffee and some fun company. Look at the beautiful mountains in the background.
Amy and Mom (Grandmom Brinkley)

Uncle Ryan and Emma having a little rest in the leaves after a big picnic lunch.
It took Christian about 3 minutes to fall asleep on the car ride home.

Christian wasn't the only one sleeping. Nathan and Amy were sound asleep too. Look at the two of them. I've always thought Nate looked a lot like his daddy, but I can see a strong resemblance to Amy here too!


Anonymous said...

Even though the weather was very chilly, we still had a wonderful day. Judy, you were a real trooper, hiking that entire trail. You got some great pictures to help all of us remember this special time together. Take good care of the children, especially our baby girl, and we will see you soon.
Love, Grandmom

the*4*of*us said...

What a fun day!!! I bet the kids had a great time--and i'm sure you all slept well that night!
Oh, and Wyatt wants to know what kind of Thomas pillow Christian has! He saw that and immediately wanted to know!

Katy said...

What a fun adventure!!! I'm so glad that all you Brinkley kids got to hike it together with your families...although I think this should be your last hike until after the baby is born! You look GREAT!!

the mccollums... said...

looks like so much fun!! I'm glad you guys have been able to have so many family memories all together recently!! Judy, good job hiking--I love seeing pics of you! I miss you!

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely traumatized by that last picture of me sleeping in the car!!! Really!! We made such wonderful memories together that day and it is so great to have someone in our family to document all these special moments for us.