Friday, November 30, 2007

Counting Down to Christmas!!

Today Christian, Abby and I made Advent Chains. Nathan had no interest in this activity, he just wanted his binkie (it was close to nap time). The chain consists of 25 pieces of construction paper that we decorate with different Christmas symbols, then we loop them all together. Tomorrow we will start cutting one link off the chain each day until we get to Christmas! Christian has a creative little mind; when we finished the chain he got down on the floor and started pulling it around like a train. Apparently all these pieces of paper linked together make him think of a train. I can see the connection.
Abby was so creative at coming up with different symbols to draw. I was thinking of all the traditional things like angels, a manger scene, ornaments, wreaths, trees, etc. but Abby was coming up with things like hot chocolate, snowflakes and gingerbread men. She did not want us to repeat any symbols on her chain, so we really had to brainstorm to come up with 25 different things. By the way...Abby is wearing her favorite sweatshirt in this picture. She loves all things pink and princess!
Just a cute picture of my precious boy!! We went to AC Moore today, not realizing that they were having a huge one day sale. The place was insane and we stood in line for at least 25 min. just to buy our Christmas paper for this project and a few things we need for our upcoming Happy Birthday Jesus party. I thought about leaving and coming back another day, but once you get three kids in the car with coats and shoes and sippy cups there's no turning back. Christian was so good sitting in the cart. He spent his time looking around the store counting Santas. Abby on the other hand was entertaining everyone else in line by dancing around and playing hide-and-go-seek with Nathan behind a variety of different displays. It sounds cute, but it really was a little stressful. I just love it when my parenting skills are put to the test in front of a bunch of people standing in line with nothing better to do than observe our chaos.


Anonymous said...

What an enjoyable holiday season you will have with Christian, Nathan, Abbey and Emma...and of course, Amy! You'll have a treasure full of memories and adventures (and maybe some gray hairs) by time the new year rolls around. Enjoy each second! God Bless you for all you do Judy :)

the mccollums... said...

What fun!! :) I did a similar project yeseterday with my 3 year old class! They practiced cutting along black lines that I drew on green and red construction papers. They did a great job but thankfully I only had 5 out of 8 present so it was a little more managable especially with sisscors. THen we linked everyones strips together for room decor. I like the idea of doing different symbols and making it advent. BTW, Christian is handsome!

Anonymous said...

Your story about AC Moore makes me laugh just because I can picture it, and the same scenario occurs everytime the children and I go anywhere. Or so it seems!

Katy said...

Ha - that last line in your post is classic! Just remind yourself that most of those people are moms and are laughing to themselves because they've been THERE too!!! Hilarous!! Oh, and Christian looks JUST like his daddy!!! What a cute pic - so excited!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for Advent Chains. I'm so happy the tradition continues.

Anonymous said...

i love the pics of the kids. abby looks so grown up! i laughed at the AC Moore story, really, out loud!!! bless you for all that you do and are doing with all those children! :)

Christine said...

Wow, that story sounds just like Abby and Nathan! Those pictures make me want to make an advent chain for myself ... maybe I will.