Friday, February 29, 2008

Our Week at Home

Things are starting to get back to normal around our house. McKenna is still pretty congested, but she doesn't have a fever anymore and she is starting to eat better. Her cough still makes me nervous at times, but I think we're on the road to recovery. We've just been staying home adjusting to life with a baby again. Christian continues to be obsessed with his baby sister. She very rarely gets a break from him. This picture is rather typical of what our lives are like now; mid-afternoon and everyone is still in their pjs.
McKenna is actually figuring out how to defend herself from all the kisses.
We haven't seen much of our cousins lately. They've been in full time daycare for the last two weeks. Abby and Nate will be back with us next Tuesday. I'm extremely nervous about having a four year old, two two year olds and a nursing newborn, but we'll figure it out. Our new plan is that I'll have them full time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So my new rule is; no one can stop by my house on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I've just decided that those days are going to be dedicated to the kids and I'm going to sit on the floor with them and play and read books and fix snacks all day. There will be no cleaning or laundry or beds made. There probably won't be a shower or make-up for me either. There will be toys everywhere and there probably won't be any cushions on the couch, but I will just ignore it all and worry about it on Thursday!
Christian and I have made some pretty cool train track layouts this week. This is where Christian spends most of his time. Right before McKenna was born AC Moore had a sale on Thomas trains. I bought three (Mighty Mac, Lights and Sound Percy and Lady) and saved them for special times when we needed a little extra distraction over the last several weeks. Those trains have been a life saver and have resulted in many hours of quiet time for mommy!
On a side note: the Marshalls have finally caught the flu. We were really hoping that it wouldn't happen, but alas Nathan threw up 11 times yesterday. He went to the doctor and ended up having an ear infection and strep throat. The poor boy is super sick, but didn't even have a fever. Go figure!! I got a call from Emma's teacher today and she started throwing up too. Thankfully Amy was already home with Nate, so she was able to go and get Emma. It could be a very long weekend for Amy, so pray for her! I feel terrible that I can't help her, but I can't risk us getting sick again.


Amy said...

Maybe if you and your kids stay at your house, and my kids and I stay at my house, we can all beat this thing! It's getting ridiculous!!!

millicent said...

i'm glad you guys are feeling better---and sorry to hear the cousins are sick :(
Girl, the beds and dishes and showers aren't important--enjoy the time with the kids!! That stuff can wait!

Katy said...

Yes, everyone keep your families separate for now! This flu season has been terrible. I've been checking your blog to see how you've been doing...knowing how hard it is to find a minute to go to the bathroom let along post a blog!! But I'm so glad to hear that McKenna is doing so much better. Now you can just adjust to life with a new baby...So Amy's kids will be at daycare 3 full days and with you 2 full days? That may work out better for you Judy - like you said, you just do nothing but kid stuff on those 2 days. You can be "productive" the other days, once you get to that point. Make sure that you have some kind of rest time for all the kids - so that you'll be able to get some quiet time too - even if you can't sleep those two days. You're doing GREAT though - you're going to make it...and those precious pictures of Christian and McKenna - so so so sweet!