Friday, February 8, 2008


I am very happy to announce that as of 9:15pm, Judy and Ryan were on their way to the hospital. This is finally the real deal! Judy's contractions are four minutes apart and she is extremely uncomfortable.

Our parents arrived just in the nick of time and they are staying with Christian tonight. This is a wonderful distraction for Christian, who practically pushed mommy out the door so that he could read books with Grandmom! That's one less thing for Judy to worry about right now!

Hopefully, by tomorrow morning, we should have a new little girl in our family! We are asking for your prayers for both Judy and the baby. As many of you know, she had a very difficult delivery with Christian and we almost lost that little boy right at his birth. Please pray that everything will go smoothly, that this little girl will turn over and be face down, and that Judy's labor will be mercifully short!

We'll keep you posted!!

- Posted by Amy