Sunday, February 3, 2008

Emma's 7th Birthday Party

Today was Emma's snow tubing Birthday Party. We were all very disappointed that her friend Emily had a stomach bug and couldn't come, but Emma loved having Anessa along! Emma and Anessa had a blast and I must say that Uncle Ryan and Kevin (Anessa's Dad) had a great time too.

Emma was quite brave and after a few times down the slopes with Uncle Ryan, she went down by herself. Then she and Anessa took a few trips down the hill by themselves.

Anessa and Kevin on the slope!
Notice that the girls have matching hats. That was one of their party favors. Of course, Abby also got a pink hat and we gave Emily's to her dad at church this morning! It was actually quite a warm day, so the hats soon came off as the girls got warmed up.

Doesn't Emma totally look like a snowboarder in this picture? Her snow pants were a little big (so they'll fit next year)and we all thought she looked like she belonged on a snowboard!

Ryan's thoughts on the day: "This is a whole lot better than Chuck E Cheese. Finally a kid's party I can enjoy!"

You have to have ice cream cake at a "snow" themed party!

Even though Emily couldn't attend the party, she gave Emma a beautiful backpack and matching lunch box. Emma was thrilled by the fact that they both have her name on them and no one else in her class has a backpack with their name's on it. Emma can hardly wait to take her new backpack to school tomorrow!!!
Anessa gave Emma some Junie B. Jones books. They are hysterical, I've read some of them before, so I know Emma's going to love them!
The "snow ball" fight! It was a mess, but the kids had a great time!!
Craft time!

Christian playing trains with Anessa's brother, Carter! Carter and Christian also have a great time playing together at church!
It was a great party and we're thankful that Anessa could come enjoy it with all of us!


Anonymous said...

I've got to admit that after all the excited conversation and "build up" to the great snow tubing adventure, I'm relieved that it turned out to be every bit as exciting and fun as we'd hoped!! The girls had a great time together, and I'm pretty sure the guys did too! The snow tubing part was Aunt Judy and Uncle Ryan's gift to Emma. Thank you guys for a great day and great memories.

Katy said...

How FUN!!! What a great idea to have the SNOW party - tubing looks like so much fun!!! Judy, did you go tubing????? Let's hope not!!! I'm with Ryan - that's WAY cooler than Chuck E Cheese! Now I wish I lived in PA!

the mccollums... said...

Oh, Emma...your birthday party looks like so much fun! I am so in awe at the creativity of a tubing party! Finally a winter sport that I really think I would enjoy. I will have to keep this in mind for any future winter birthday partys!! You are getting so big and God has a wonderful plan for your life. I can tell that you are growing more and more into understanding His love and grace!! :) Happy Birthday!

millicent said...

how fun!!! That looks like a great party idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures of Great Fun! I think PopPop would enjoy snow tubing. I'm so glad Emma had such a special day. How will you ever top this one? We are looking forward to seeing all of you this weekend.
Love, Grandmom

Anonymous said...

What a great time! Thanks for all the fun snow tubing and spending the afternoon with all of you. Anessa really had a good time and her daddy did as well. Happy Birthday Emma.