Tuesday, February 26, 2008

McKenna's Doctor Visit

I took McKenna to the doctor this morning for a check up and the news was pretty good. She has gained half an ounce (could be better, but at least she's not loosing weight) and her lungs are clear. McKenna still has a lot of head congestion and both of her eyes are all goopy. She did not have a fever this morning, although that seems to be something that comes and goes. Last night was a very, very long night. McKenna has a cough now and when she coughs she gets herself so worked up that she can't breathe. Very scary! So I have her sleeping in the bassinett next to my bed and every little noise she makes wakes me up. She also just wants to be held and I'm not a fan of co-sleeping (I never did it even once with Christian) but last night around 4am I finally gave in and brought her into bed with me. Then of course, I still couldn't sleep because I was so worried about smothering her. Oh my, I'm so tired!! I could have cried when the doctor told me that we have to continue feedings every two hours round the clock. I guess you can survive anything for a week or two! Pretty soon she'll be packing on the pounds and we will be on a schedule one of these days.


the mccollums... said...

It won't be long, my dear friend, until everyone is healthy and sleeping soundly...it will happen soon! I am glad for the great report that McKenna is gaining weight slowly but surely....a good sign that her little body is fighting hard the infections/fever. We love you!!

Anonymous said...

This too shall pass, as mom is fond of saying. I'm so glad that she is gaining weight. I will be praying for good rest for all of you tonight. Anna :)

Katy said...

It sounds as though McKenna is starting to get there. I know how tiring it is - completely and totally exhausting. When Jacob was 8 weeks old - just after he started sleeping through the night, he came down with bronchialitis - and had the same cough bit where he couldn't catch his breath to breathe, get himself all worked up, etc, etc. It was the longest month of my life. When you are worried about their breathing, it's a scary thing. Please try and get your rest during the day as it comes too since your nights are still sooo interrupted. Still praying.