Friday, September 28, 2007

Some Girl Time for Abby!!

Dear little Abby spends all her time with the boys (Christian and Nate), so it was time for her to have a little girl time. She had a "tea party" today with her friends Ellie and Kate. They made cookies and enjoyed pink lemonade in real china cups. They also had tiny little tea sets that they put water in and enjoyed pouring "tea" and "sugar" for one another!!
Thank heavens for sweet girlfriends!!! Kate and Ellie's visit made Abby's day!! She was ready this morning at 7am with her dress all picked out. She didn't want to be late.
Ellie and Kate also brought their Polly Pockets to share!! How did they know that's one of Abby's favorite things! What great friends!!


Heather said...

I'm glad the long awaited tea party was a success, I know Abby had to be in heaven. I hope it was a nice break for Aunt Judy too!!:) Just think, that's what we have to look forward too!

Warren, Sarah, Riley, Reagan-David and Scott-Wesley said...

Jude-- When can I come and join the girls? All these boys and cars adn trucks, I never get tea parties!

Amy said...

This was such a wonderful day for Abby. She's still talking about "my friends Ellie and Kate"!!Now Abby's waiting for her cousin Elizabeth Santry to come so that they can have a tea party too!