Thursday, September 20, 2007

!!! JOY in my heart !!!

You're probably wondering what I'm doing posting these crazy pictures of the kids running around. Well, this is a moment of JOY that I captured on my camera this morning. I'll be the first to admit that it's been a little stressful adjusting to having three toddlers around instead of just one (I've been watching my sister's two kids since she moved here). Christian has especially had a rough time with it. He's had a hard time sharing and dealing with his space being invaded. We've been experiencing lots of crying and sadness, so I've really been praying that God would make these three little kids a happy family. That they would love each other and show gentleness towards one another. Today we had a break through.
We turned on one of our favorite CDs (A CD where all the songs have Christian's name in them...thanks Mandy)!!! And Abby, Christian and Nate chased each other around and giggled for over 30 min. I just sat on the steps and watched. My heart was filled with JOY!!
In this picture everyone is taking a little rest waiting for the next song to start!! Abby also had another great day of school and the boys colored the whole time!!Keep praying for us that we will continue to have these moments.


Katy said...

I LOVE IT!!! Sounds like a perfect, happy heart kind of morning!! Praising God with you! :)

Christine Salliby said...

Wow Aunty Judy! Amy told us about this blog and I'm so excited for it! It's great to be able to see what's going on in your family and see some pictures of my favorite Marshall and Chatterton children playing together. Because of the time we spent at your house I now not only miss the Marshalls I miss you guys too.

I'm so glad that the kids are getting along. We'll pray that it keeps up!

Warren, Sarah, Riley, Reagan-David and Scott-Wesley said...

It was so good to connect he other day adn talk, I wish only under better times! I am praying for you all as you adjust to this new life you are living. I am glad to see the kids had a better day! God knows exactly what we need and when we need it! I miss you so much and our talk only sunk that deeper into my heart, you are always with me and so is Amy! Give her a big hug for me and kiss all those precious little ones.
Love, love love, you... Sarah