Friday, September 14, 2007

Life Changes Quickly

I've decided to start a blog mainly because our family is spread over so many different states and this is a fun way to keep in touch with everyone all at the same time. We have family in Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts and Illinois and we have friends in numerous states and even countries!!

As many of you know, our lives seem to be changing rather quickly around here. We are thrilled to be expecting our second child. Make sure you check back sometime after September 24th to find out if we are having a boy or a girl!! I can't wait to find out. The birth of child #2 should take place around Feb. 19th!!

We also had another big life change take place in the last month. My sister, Amy, and her children moved in across the street. This is the first time I've lived near family in the past 11 years!! We love having Emma (6), Abby(almost 4) and Nate(almost 2) right across the street. It's so fun to be able to see them whenever we want. It's taking a little getting used to for Christian. He's always thrilled to see them and then sooo frustrated when he has to share. I guess it's all part of being 2! It's been an adjustment for me too! I seem to find ponytail holders all over the house and we now have Polly Pockets, Strawberry Shortcake and babydolls to play with. As you can see in the picture, "Uncle Ryan" is adapting to his new role too!! (He probably won't appreciate the fact that I'm posting this picture).
Feel free to leave comments about my postings and check back often for new updates on our lives!!


the*4*of*us said...

The picture of Ryan and Emma is so cute!! Maybe he's getting practice in for a little girl of his own??

Katy said...

Oh, I just love that you are blogging now!! SOOO Cute!!! And way to go Ryan for knowing how to braid!>?! David declared that he was NOT going to do hair when we found out Callie was going to be a girl!

Christine Salliby said...

Uncle Ryan, I'm so glad that you and the kids are having such a great time together. :)

Melinda Salliby said...

Ryan and Judy,
Thank you so much for opening your hearts so wide for your neices and nephew. God bless you.