Monday, September 17, 2007

Abby's First Day of "School"

Last night when Emma was getting ready for school, Abby decided that she was ready for school too!! She picked out school clothes, got her backpack ready and packed her lunchbox with a snack. This morning she arrived ready to learn and SOOO excited about her backpack full of supplies! Today we worked on the letter "B" because it's a big part of Abby's name!! I was shocked at her ability to sound out words!! We made a collage of all the words that start with the letter "B" and she sounded out the words like dog, spoon, tree, house and flower and knew that they didn't start with a "B" sound!! What a smart little cookie!!

We also worked on writing her name and that's going to take a little more work, but she's doing great for someone who's not even four yet!

And of course, the first day of school has to include a little cookie baking!! We counted how many people were at our house, then figured out how many cookies to make so everyone could get two!!


Katy said...

So the teacher in you is loving this!!! We do school every day (I think I"m the only mom on the planet that hasn't sent her kids off to preschool). Great job Abby!

Daddy said...

Hey Abby,
YOU ARE BECOMING SUCH A BIG GIRL! I am so proud of how well you did at your first day of school. I'm missing you and can't wait to hear about what you did at school today. I love you sweetie! Give Nate & Emma a kiss for me.
Loving You,