Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Baby Name???

Everyone keeps asking if we have a baby name picked out yet. The answer is NO! Ryan and I are definitely at odds over this one. He is set on a name and I'm just not so sure. My nieces have names picked out too. Abby thinks it should be LUCY. I think it's cute, but not the choice for us. Emma thinks it should be CHRISTINE (probably in honor of one of her favorite aunts). I think Christian and Christine would be way too confusing. Emma assures me that it would be just fine. I'll let you know when we have finally decided. Thankfully we've got a few months to work on it!


Katy said...

Hilarious. it took David and I longer with Callie for sure. We had girl names all picked out, and then when we found out we were actually HAVING a girl, everything got thrown out (by him - I still liked the originals). Good luck - what's Ryan's choice?

Warren, Sarah, Riley, Reagan-David and Scott-Wesley said...

I am sure you will agree eventually, even if it is as she makes her entrance to this world! Love you,