Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our Spelling Champ

Just a few of Emma's spelling words this week:

1. expected
2. feathers
3. gathered
4. together

Keep in mind, the girl is only in first grade and she knows how to spell these words. I must say, I'm impressed!!


Heather said...

Good Job Emma!! Keep up the good work.:) And just think, summer is almost here!

Amy said...

Emma loves to spell!!! She spells outloud constantly so that Abby won't know what she's saying. Whole sentences sometimes!! Just because she can! I am so blessed to have such a bright, sweet girl:)

Judy said...

I love to learn how to spell. From Emma (the spelling champ)

Anonymous said...

I have fifth graders who can't read those words, let alone spell them. Great Job, Emma!

the mccollums... said...

Great job Emma!!