Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fireworks Season

For those of you who may not know, my husband Ryan works for a fireworks company. He has been with TNT Fireworks (a.k.a American Promotional Events Inc.) for seven years. He manages their distribution center for the North East region and he also manages a sales team throughout that same region. As you can imagine the summer months are a very busy time in the fireworks industry. We always refer to May, June, and July as "the season." You'll probably hear me refering to "the season" a lot over the next couple of months. "The season" means working very long hours for Ryan. In past years I can even remember some nights when Ryan never even made it home because things got so hectic.
We never quite know what a season will hold for us. For the past seven years every season has been different. It just depends on the ever changing state laws, whether there has been a drought or lots of rain, and then of course it depends on whether their international shipments are arriving in a timely manor. Ryan always try to prepare for "the season" ahead of time, but much of it is totally out of his control. A typical day for Ryan during "the season" will start at 7am and end sometime around 11pm or later.

"The season" seems to have started early this year. Ryan has already begun to work longer hours and I can tell he's feeling the stress of it already. It's always a difficult couple of months for our family, since Daddy doesn't get to spend much time with us, but we're happy that this year Aunt Amy is living across the street so we'll get to have some extra special time with her. So this summer when you see displays of fireworks in Target, Walmart, Sams Club or Costco, think of us and say a prayer for us!! Don't forget to pick up some TNT sparklers for your 4th of July celebration!!


the mccollums... said...

this just reminds me of you doing sparklers for your wedding..such a great idea...loved it!!

Heather said...

ah yes, I do remember the sparklers at Judy's wedding. And I've heard of "the season" before, from Judy of course!

Katy said...

Oh, I know this is a hard time of year...but you're right, with some extra family closer, that will help!! Hang in there Ryan - you are doing a GREAT job providing for your family!