Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Catching Up

To all of you blog junkies out there who check in daily, sorry I haven't really had anything new or interesting to post. Our lives have been pretty quiet for the last couple of days, which is great! So here's a few random pictures to keep everyone happy!

Nate loves his cousin McKenna. Today I heard him call her "tiny girl." How cute is that??
Christian helping me with laundry. He uses his green bucket as his laundry basket, fills it up and then throws all the clothes over the railing down into the family room. Then Abby collect all the clothes and puts them in the washer. Are they well trained or what?? Actually they usually love helping with laundry because they like to throw the laundry down on top of one another.
Emma took this picture of McKenna. She'll be happy to see that it ended up in the blog. That girl is something else. How many other seven year olds do you know who totally know how to take a picture on a digital camera and then ask if it will be posted on the blog? I'll bet there's a few million forty year olds who still don't know what a blog is and Emma even knows how to log on and leave her own comments. She's so smart. I got her a book making kit this past weekend and she spent over an hour yesterday writing a dinosaur story. I just might post it when she's done. I think it's going to be really cute.
The things I do for a few extra minutes of sleep: Abby and Nate arrive at my house around 7:30am on the days they stay with me. That seems awfully early to me these days since little Miss Mckenna is still figuring out how to sleep for longer than 3 hours, so the night before I lay out their pillows and blankets on the living room floor so they can have a picnic. Then I set up the breakfast tray and put their breakfast in little sealed containers on it. I fill their sippy cups and put them in the fridge ahead of time. The next morning Ryan sets out their cups and turns on the TV to the Disney channel. When Abby and Nate arrive they hang out in the living room eating their breakfast and watching TV. This usually buys me an extra 20-30 min. of sleep before they come trotting upstairs to wake me up. Abby usually wakes me up to tell me that Nate made a mess with his breakfast and I usually don't care as long as it's not before 8am.
A typical morning at our house.
Reading books with daddy before bedtime!
I love Nate so much! How can you not??? Look at that sweet face. How blessed I am to be able to love and kiss and hug on that boy!
I'll have you notice that there are three pictures in this post with no binkie!! We are making progress. Nate actually reminded me today of the "no binkie" rule at church (the one I made up). When we arrived at playgroup he asked me what we were going to do about his binkie. I had forgotten. But he was a great sport about leaving it in the car.

I never know how wise it is to leave Christian alone in the same room with McKenna, but sometimes I just have to for a minute or two. Christian was alone with McKenna for about 3 minutes today and this is what I found when I walked back into the room. He had gotten his pillow and put it next to hers and he let her have his new blue doggie that our neighbor Ms. Peggy just gave him. He was being so sweet. Talking to her in a soft voice. My little boy is getting the hang of this "big brother" stuff.


Amy said...

What a blessing to have some peaceful, relatively quiet days in our lives!! And healthy days too!! All five children are currently healthy and not taking medication!! Nate is doing so well with giving up his binkie during the day and it's paying off - he's talking so much more, and much more clearly too!! Nate and Abby love their breakfast picnics at your house. They look forward to their days with you all week long:)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Terrific journaling! Very entertaining and really keeps me in touch with the children. Thanks.
Love, Grandmom

PastorEddie7 said...

I love being able to keep up on both of my favorite families. McKenna is getting so big, and its great to see her starting to blossom and be more photogenic. Ya'll make me so happy, and remind me that I am so blessed to have friends like you. These are definitely blogs that I look forward to reading.

Erin said...

great pics judy. It was intesting to see how similar our days are. Quinn comes between 745-800am so no extra sleep, but I do set out pillows, cups and dry cereal, so I can rotate laundry, wash the few dishes left over from the night before, blog, or call my sisters on their way to work. Quinn is very mobile and stuffs everything in his mouth now so my time to get these things done is very limited.

Erin said...

I know I just left a comment... but I had to confess, the other thing I try to accomplish during the morning lull, is any pottying that may need to take place for the next 8 hours or so!

the mccollums... said...

so thats how you creatively get the extra sleep...ha the pictures! You are a great auntie!

Katy said...

quiet days are a good thing! that means no one has been sick!!!!! mckenna is really starting to look more like her brother now as she's growing bigger...sooo cute!