Sunday, April 27, 2008


I ran over Emma's booster seat with my car! Yup, it's in the trash now. I must have been a little upset about it because I didn't even take a picture of it (which is unusual for me since I take pictures of everything these days).
I had taken all the Marshall kids carseats out of my car last week because I went to a yard sale and bought a train table for Nate and had to fit it in my car. I was putting them back in the car and forgot that I left Emma's sitting behind the car. I remembered as soon as I heard the crunch. Oh dear!
Now I have to go buy another one. At least it wasn't a carseat. They cost a whole lot more. Do you know how many car seats I've had to buy in the last year??


Amy said...

Nathan is so grateful that you sacrificed Emma's booster seat for the sake of getting his new train table!! You have no idea how nice it was to come home from work and find it set up in my living room with trains and track and everything!!! BIG HIT!!!

Lori said...

Hey...if you haven't gotten a new one yet, KMart has them on sale for 13 or 15 dollars.

Heather said...

yikes! Glad it was only a booster seat!

Katy said...

Oh - that's VERY sad!! But you're right - booster seats are SO much cheaper. And I think the train table for Nate sounds like a GREAT find! Good for you! Could you find one for us and send it this way? :)