Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ahhh...it's pink eye!

Well, Emma came home from school with pink eye yesterday. Which means she had to stay home from school today. This presents quite a problem for me considering we have three other children in this house!! So today I am at war with pink eye!! I've got the Clorox wipes out and a stool at every sink, so the kids can wash their hands a ton!! Emma has been quarantined to my bedroom. Right now she thinks the whole idea of spending the day by herself is fun, but I'm sure she'll be sick of it by lunchtime!! She's got books, her leapster, a TV with lots of movies and some school work to do! So far she hasn't tried to come join in the chaos outside her quarantined area! Pray that no one else gets pink eye!! It's such a pain and Emma's poor little eye looks terrible!! I'll keep you posted!!
P.S. I usually only post stuff during naps or around bedtime and right now I made an unwise choice to try to post something during the middle of the day. I've been on the computer for about 5 min. and in that amount of time Christian and Nathan got the crayons out and drew all over the kitchen floor. Abby managed to spill a drink all over the living room. Ryan is out of town, so my only hope is the fact that PopPop (my dad) is coming to visit and help in just a few hours!! Hooray for PopPop! I hope he's hurrying!


the mccollums... said...

oh no!! yikes! i hope there are many survivors!

Anonymous said...

I don't like pink eye. Not at all! I hope no one in my class catches it. Even my teacher, I hope she doesn't catch my germs!
From: Emma Marshall (the one who has pink eye)

the*4*of*us said...

Judy...we have it, too!! Wyatt in both eyes! No Fun!!!

Heather LM said...

Oh poor Emma! I hope she's feeling better real soon and nobody else catches it. Good luck Judy!!! Love, Auntie Heather