Friday, October 3, 2008

The latest on Amy

Considering the number of emails, phone calls and texts that I've been getting, I thought I would give you all a quick update on Amy. She's feeling pretty rotten! She was running a fever this morning, which for right now is just something to keep an eye on. She's been spending almost all of her time sleeping. Getting around is extremely slow and painful for her and someone needs to be right with her because she's very light headed and shaky! She lost a lot of blood (so much that they considered giving her a transfusion) so all of this is to be expected while her body begins to build back up it's supply. Keep praying for her. It's going to be a while before she's feeling good again.

It's been a blessing that Amy's kids are with their dad, although I must say it's rather strange. Three different times today I had to remind myself that I didn't have to get Emma off the bus. Christian seems a little lost without his "friends" but it's good for him to have a break too! I actually went out to lunch with Ryan today which never, ever happens. It was so nice to be able to sit and talk. I don't think we've had a real conversation in two weeks. Christian was with my mom and I had to take McKenna to the doctor (just to check her ear that was infected last week...don't worry nothing's wrong with her) and Ryan had time to meet us for lunch. May I just say that I love that man!! I set up appointments today for all five kids to get flu shots! Enough is enough, I have already decided we absolutely won't be getting the flu this year! So that's the latest!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Fall has arrived here in Pa! I love, love, love summer, but I'm excited about all of our fall traditions and we're kicking it off this weekend with some great family time, so stay tuned!


Eddie Sargent said...

You are an amazing sister, friend, wife, and so on. I am thankful that I can be an extended part of the whole Brinkley/Chatterton/Marshall family, you all are amazing, thanks for all of your diligence, patience, and love, and of course we will all be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for updating us on Amy, the children, and you and your family. I don't know where you find the time to accomplish all you do in one day...and you make it look so easy and normal.

Glad you had time to have lunch with Ryan. I am sure you needed some "adult conversation".

Glad to hear all five children are getting the flu shot. Don't forget to get one yourself - Ryan and Amy too!

Take care of yourself and know that we are praying for you.


Katy said...

I am so thankful that Ryan was able to get home. What a week it's been - starting off with your trip to the ER, and now Amy. Exhausting to say the least. Rest up this weekend. Enjoy your family time!!!